Here's what you need to know:

1 Respect the regulation

2 Book Online

3 Set a time for your check-in

(+39) 351 54 60 501

Why book directly online on

It’s cheaper!

What are my credit card details for?

To guarantee the reservation and the correct execution of the stay

What time is my check-in?

Make an appointment between 16.00 and 21.00

This property operates Last minute check-in or H24?

No. By appointment only


If you indicate that you prefer 18.15, the structure will be at your disposal from 18.00 to 18.30

After 30 minutes of waiting, it will be necessary to fix another appointment at the discretion of the structure

It will be the guest’s responsibility to contact the structure, it will be his interest to introduce himself

In case of no-show, refer to the booking conditions

Is it possible to check in late?

Yes, it is possible to book an appointment after 21.00 but only on condition that you do not disturb guests who are already resting.

(Increase of 3% every 15 minutes late)

Breakfast included

Private bathroom in the room



Smart monitor


Air conditioning



Photocopier / Printer

International adapters

Luggage storage

Taxi / Shuttle Service

Optional for a fee

Garage h24 at 150m

Optional for a fee


Optional for a fee

Postal shipments

Optional for a fee

What apps do you recommend for my smartphone?

Download them before you travel or when you arrive, using our fast wi-fi – Pay for your parking with MooneyGo, without cash!
Check and manage your stops easily from the app to pay only for real minutes of use.

Additional Info

Luggage storage according to availability on the day.

In case of special needs, please contact us via WhatsApp before making the reservation.

If there is anything needed during your stay we will do our best to help you find it locally.